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Welcome to our updated news page! We have revamped this area to provide comprehensive coverage of our important activities and member concerns using a “News Thread” style methodology. This approach involves blog-like posts that build upon one another to follow the thread of each topic over time.

As an example, we currently have four primary areas of concern: the Sedimentation Study, pending approval of our requested SMP revisions, Safety and Navigation concerns, and ongoing updates from our Water Nutrient Committee. Each of these topics has a dedicated “News Thread” page that provides an overview of the topic and its importance, followed by a series of thread posts that chronicle updates.

This new approach simplifies information access for both long-term members and new visitors. Long-term members can easily view the most current information without sifting through old posts, while new members can scroll back through older posts to catch up on a topic.

As we debut this new website, we are starting from scratch to create each news page and thread. So, we are currently gathering and distilling all of our existing data and information into new consolidated threads to facilitate this reboot. Some topics may require more posts and detail than others, but once this transfer is complete and the foundations of each thread have been set, they will all function the same in the future.

We truly appreciate your patience as we work through this exciting transition over the next few weeks. And we thank you in advance for your understanding and continued support!


Recent Updates

Sedimentation Study
May 01, 2024
Geosyntec Study Is Underway

Shoreline Management Plan Updates
May 01, 2024
FERC Approvals Pending

Safety & Navigation
May 01, 2024

Water Nutrient Committee
May 01, 2024

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