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Safety & Navigation (Coming Soon!)

It’s impossible to understate the importance of safety and proper navigation on the water, and it’s a crucial priority for our members, as it should be. This is especially true now, as some areas of our lake are becoming perilously shallow because of an increasing amount of sedimentation buildup, forming new, unexpected depth changes and sandbars —many visible, others not. (See our related posts on the Sedimentation Study that is currently underway.)

We understand that this issue is a top priority for our members, so we are dedicating this news thread to matters exclusively related to safety and navigation on High Rock Lake. This will include updates regarding our ongoing efforts to ensure that Cube Hydro adheres to its Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) licensing requirement to remove natural debris (such as trees and logs) from the reservoir, which poses safety and navigational hazards. (Rather, that is, than its current and less desirable use of a “move and sink” policy.)

Stay tuned!

And, hey, stay safe out there on the water in the meantime! : )

  • 29 Apr 2024 5:00 PM | Harris (Administrator)

    Stay Tuned!

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