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Many organizations and government agencies have authority over various aspects of our lake life. From the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to North Carolina Wildlife to Cube Hydro and many more, and across every level of government (local, county, state, and federal), they all have some influence over our lake and its future.

In nearly every case, those who wield most of these powers do so from a far-off place. They do not boat here. They do not fish here. They do not swim, ski, or "Float The Goat" here. They do not live here. For most of them, our presence on this lake and the lives we have built around it are incidental to their purposes or, in some extreme cases, run contrary to their desires.

We stand alone among these many voices, faithfully and exclusively championing the interests of High Rock Lake property owners, stakeholders, and the thousands of people who love being in, on, and around our lake waters.

We are the High Rock Lake Association.

Founded in 1954, our organization's ongoing mission has been to help protect and promote our lake's health, beauty, and safe recreational use for all who love it, as we do. This mission continues today with more than a thousand active members and is more relevant now than ever.

This is High Rock Lake, North Carolina
Our Home. Our Lake. Our Mission.

Please join us and have your name counted among our lake's true champions!

Attention New Homeowners & Realtors

While we are pleased to have an ongoing dialogue with Cube Hydro and its parent company, Eagle Creek Renewable Energy (the licensed hydropower plant owner/operators), we are not affiliated with them. Therefore, we cannot assist you directly in dealing with any individual permitting or dispute resolution process.

All official permitting and Shoreline Management Plan questions or issues must be handled directly with the appropriate Cube Hydro representatives, which can be found on their website: https://cubecarolinas.com/

Our History  |  Our Board  | FAQ

Celebrating Our 70th Anniversary

As we celebrate 70 years of accomplishment on behalf of our members, here are just some of our most recent and impactful achievements:

  • First to lead the charge in bringing together Rowan and Davidson County officials to initiate an extensive study of sediment and sandbar issues now effecting HRL. This study is currently underway. Stay tuned!

  • Responding to disparities in how Shoreline Management Plan (SMP) rules were being interpreted and applied at Badin and High Rock Lakes, the HRLA met with Cube officials, including Neil Simmons, President of Eagle Creek Renewable Energy (Cube's parent company), to discuss updating the SMP to resolve these problems and to add additional provisions benefiting our members. Ultimately, our requests were accepted, and revisions are underway, including a submission for updated Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) approval. Stay tuned!

Negotiated the terms of the Relicensing Settlement Agreement, obtaining major changes to the FERC License Application to ensure HRL is operated to provide optimal recreational, environmental, and economic benefits that are important to our members. Including:
  • Extended recreational season to April 01 - October 31 (Formerly March - September)

  • During the recreational season, stabilized water levels are now to be maintained within 4 feet of the full pond. The average expected lake level in season is projected to be 2-½ feet below the full pond.

  • Off-season water levels are then to be maintained within 10 feet below full pond (November 01 - March 31).

  • Drought Protocols stabilized so that drawdowns are now to be shared proportionally by all lakes in the Yadkin Project.

  • Major pier design changes approved, including the use of alternative construction materials and pier design flexibility up to 1,100 square feet above water.

  • The use of boat lifts (piling supported or floating), roofs over boat slips and piers, and gazebos are now permitted.

  • The minimum water depth for pier permit approval was lowered to 6 feet.

Many public recreation improvements were also included in the terms of the new license. Including:
  • Existing public Recreation sites on High Rock, Tuckertown, and Narrows reservoirs will be improved for compliance with federal and state ADA regulations, dusk-to-dawn security lighting, and toilet facilities.

  • Cube Hydro will develop and operate a new public recreation site on High Rock Lake in Rowan County. (Location TBD)

  • The locations of the fishing piers will be at existing public sites, determined in consultation with the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission (NCWRC), U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWC) and the counties.

  • Installation of 10 dispersed campsites throughout the project are to be added —all water accessible.

  • Cube Hydro to provide $35,000 in annual funding to NCWRC for public access area maintenance.

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