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Shoreline Management Plan

10 Oct 2023 8:31 PM | Caron-Mercier (Administrator)

Meeting scheduled with Cube Hydro to review possible changes to Shoreline Management Plan to get clarification on Pier designs.  Many previously approved pier permits have now been reversed or rescinded due to Cube Management’s new interpretation.  The SMP is not being interpreted and applied in the same manner for HRL requestors as Badin Lake.  The SMP is the same for both communities and should allow for same pier designs at both High Rock and Badin.

Our HRL Government Affairs Committee will get FERC involved (items of concern: regulatory approvals, pier lights, guidance documents on their website and boat lifts).

The public recreation area in Rowan County must be completed by 2026 and will include boat ramps and handicapped dock. Location deeded for Leonard Road, but not ideal for several reasons including lake level, lack of paved road, etc.

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