Stizostedion vitreaum

Preferred Habitat: The walleye prefers water temperatures below 70°F, which are found in the deeper waters of reservoirs during the summer and the cooler rivers feeding, selected reservoirs.

Common Size: 18-24 inches, 2 1/4 pounds

Food Habits: Fish are the predominate food item of adult walleye.

Spawning: Spawning takes place at night when water temperatures are approximately 50-55°F. The spawning sites are generally over rocky bottoms such as that found near the riprap of dams or in the headwaters of feeder streams. The female can release from 50,000 to 500,000 adhesive eggs along the shoreline as an accompany male or males fertilize them. The unattended eggs will hatch in 5-9 days. Under the best of conditions, only 5 to 20 % will hatch.

Miscellaneous: Walleye are often misnamed Walleyed Pike when in fact they are not a member of the pike family but rather the perch family. The walleye is an excellent sport fish, which is highly regarded for its angling qualities and table value.

They have a long, slender body, strong canine teeth and large eyes. Walleyes tend to congregate near the bottoms of lakes or near ledges and drop-offs. They are slow and methodical feeders, so fishing techniques should be slow. Walleyes shun bright light and stay deep during the day and move into shallows at night.