Micropterus coosae

Preferred Habitat: Redeye or "coosa" bass prefer cool headwater streams, generally in habitat types found just below waters suitable for trout.

Common size: 6-9 inches, 6 oz. in streams and 1 lb in lakes, rarely exceeds 2 pounds.

Food Habits: terrestrial and aquatic insects, small fish when available.

Spawning: The spawning of redeye bass occurs when water temperatures are between 62-68° F. At this time, mature redeye bass (usually three or four years old) males will construct a nest in which the female will deposit between 2,000 to 3,000 eggs. These relatively large eggs are maintained and guarded throughout incubation and development of the fry.

Miscellaneous: The redeye bass is a truly unique and interesting species. Its entire range is limited to Alabama, Georgia and small areas of Tennessee and the Carolinas. They grow very slowly in streams, but when found in impounded waters, their growth rate improves. Redeye bass eagerly take small spinners and plugs and make exceptional sport when angled with ultra light tackle.