Ictalurus punctatus

Preferred Habitat: Channel catfish prefer rivers and large creeks with slow to moderate flow as well as large impoundments.

Range: The channel catfish is found statewide and has been stocked in many rivers, streams and farm ponds.

Common Size: 18-25 inches, 1-5 pounds.

Food Habits: Channel catfish feed on nearly all aquatic animals such as crayfish, insects, amphipods and other fish

Spawning: Spawning occurs from May to July when the water temperature is approximately 70-80°F. A gelatinous mass of eggs is deposited in a nest constructed by the male below undercut stream banks or under logs or in other secluded areas. The male guards the nest for some time after the egg hatch.

Miscellaneous: Channel catfish readily take several stink baits that are now on the market. These are most effective where there is discernable water current. Other historical baits include earthworms, chicken livers, cut fish, cheese, and minnows.