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Our HRLA Board of Directors:

           The term of service for Board Members shall be three years. 

          Officer terms are one year until successors are elected. 

            Term Expiring Fall 2018

                  Henry Booke, Treasurer 

                  Jim Branch

                  Larry Jones, President

              Term Expiring Fall 2019    

                  Wayne Bost

                 AnnMarie Clark 

                 Barry Childers

                 Eddie Gallimore

                 Kelly Gallimore, Secretary

                 Rick Ketner

                 Rick Monk

                 Jim Noonan

                 Victor Poplin 

                 Lee Snow, Vice President

            Term Expiring Fall 2020

                Joyce Caron-Mercier 

                Warren Godwin 

                Carroll Tysinger

                Karen Tysinger

                Mel Wofford 

                Todd Yates

If you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors, please let us know. Voting is at the Annual Membership meeting.

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